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Is the water in your home not heating up fast enough? You may need to have your existing water heater repaired or serviced. Our team at Eaton’s Heating Ltd. offers Greater Vancouver heating services for a tank or tankless water heating systems.

Hot water heaters are important for the following reasons:

 They offer continuous hot water for cooking or cleaning
 Keeps your water safe and clean
 Provides warm water for showers

Over time and use, a water heater can lose its effectivity. Most homeowners are unaware that they ever have to consider their water heater after it’s initial installation. But neglecting a water heater can turn your heater from a hot-house to a danger-zone! After years of use, calcium in the water will ‘scale’ and settle at the bottom of your tank. The calcium builds up is a muddy, often gritty layer of sediment. Sediment accumulation in your tank will cause numerous problems. However, most notably, it ends up being an obstacle between the heat source at the bottom of the tank and the water it’s attempting to heat. This barrier requires the tank to work extra just to heat the water that it normally would. In addition, the calcium can slowly break down the base of the tank floor. When you hear about the bottom of somebody’s tank wasting away on them, you can only imagine what a mess that can turn into– and quickly. Routine draining of the tank prevents sediment build-up. The T&P valve on your hot water tank, on the other hand, is an important piece of safety equipment that guarantees that your tank does not get overly hot nor over pressurized. Either of which can be extremely dangerous. Over time, scaling inside the tank can develop on the inside of the T&P relief valve obstructing its capability to operate effectively.

If the pressure increases as a result of a malfunctioning T&P relief valve, and the tank itself is degrading due to calcium build up, your water heater can very literally fill with explosive steam. If you believe this may be happening in your hot water tank, shut off the gas and water supply to the tank immediately. Call the professionals at Eaton’s Heating Ltd. for an emergency situation service. In addition to draining the tank of sediment and checking the T&P relief valve, you may wish to have professional inspect to see if your tank has any filters that need a thorough cleaning. Some tanks employ filters at the bottom of the tank to filter out the air that enters the combustion chamber. Others have filters on the top for fan air consumption. Our servicers can inspect and repair all the bits and pieces of your heater. If you have a leak in your water tank, it’s easy to start panicking and let the situation become greater than it is. You begin thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong– soiled carpets, flooded rooms and dysfunctional electronics. It all sounds terrible because it is! But until those things occur, the power remains in your hands to prevent them, in the first place. So pick up the phone and take action. In the case of a poorly functioning heater, often the best option is to just swap it completely for a new heater.

The cost of fixing and the burden of worrying are often not worth the few dollars saved with a quick fix. When it come to changing your water tank, you need reliable service and relied on professionals to get the job done. With Eaton’s Heating Ltd., you get both. Our Tri-city Setup Services specialists are authorized and insured– and we’ll skilfully detach the old system and change it with a brand-new hot water tank. You don’t have to suffer without hot water.

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