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If your oil or natural gas heating system is 12 years old or younger and has been properly taken care of throughout the years, you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing your device. Instead, you may want to invest some time and money into enhancing the energy-efficiency in other areas of your house and look into the routine appropriate maintenance of your heater to keep it lasting even longer.

However, many Tri City homeowners neglect their heating system far beyond advisable parameters. In which case, their furnace or boiler may not be performing up to standard.

Here are a few Indications of a failing furnace:

Are your energy expenses increasing?

Increasing energy expenses are not the only factor for high costs. Heating systems typically lose their performance as they age, specifically if they have not been appropriately kept. As a result, your oil or gas heating system may run longer and require more energy to supply the exact same amount of heat. This will cause your energy costs to rise. All the money you pay towards your energy utility companies each month could be made use of to assist you spend for a new, much more energy-efficient and energy saving furnace.

Is your thermostat telling the truth?

Do you feel that some rooms are too cold while others are too hot? Or are you constantly trying to change your thermostat making your house more comfortable for reasons beyond our ever changing Greater Vancouver weather? This is a sign that your heater does not have the capacity to effectively distribute the air to keep you comfortable in your house. Investing in a more effective heating system could end up being a more viable option than constantly upping and downing the temperature.

Is your furnace making strange sounds?

Old heaters typically begin to make some weird sounds as they near the end of their life. If so, this is clear and bothersome indication that your heater might need a repair or a full replacement.

Is your Lower Mainland home abnormally dry and/or dusty?

Moisture should never be lacking when you’re living in the West Coast, and if it is, you have a problem on your hands. Old heating systems frequently lack the ability to hydrate and clean the air in your house. Your residence air might feel stuffy or stale. Does any individual in your household experience allergies to airborne dust, mold, pollen, viruses or dander? Or does anybody experience dry nose, dry throat, or dry skin? Other indications may be regular dust build-up, static shocks sagging plants and furniture splitting. These may seem like insignificant observations but all recommend that your old heater is not efficient in supplying you with the convenience you and your family may want and need. Whether you are looking to preserve the heater you have or need to reliably invest in a brand-new heating system, the right service strategy makes all the difference. Our several service contract and security plan options supply the tune-up, repair work and maintenance services required to safeguard your furnace investment. All backed by 24/7 service and support – whatever the weather condition.

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