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A boiler is a fuel-burning apparatus or container for heating water. That’s true, but there is a lot more to boilers than just that! Eaton’s Home Care offers boiler repair in Vancouver, and they’ve noticed that many people don’t know enough about boilers and how beneficial they really are.

Did you know that a boiler is different than a hot water heater? If you’re not a plumbing professional, It can  be hard to keep all the definitions and terms straight. A lot of people confuse a water heater and a boiler the same device, when they are actually very different.

A hot water heater is a water storage tank with heating elements inside. The heat is usually generated by gas or electricity. Water is typically heated to around 50 degrees celsius and kept at that temperature until the hot water is needed.

A boiler heats water, boils it, and turns it into steam. The steam is used as a medium to transport heat. It’s efficient because steam is denser than air so it can hold more heat than air alone. 

Did you know a boiler serves two functions? A furnace requires you to have a separate hot water heating system in order to have hot water in your home. With a boiler, the heat and the steam generated is used as a heating system, and also provides a source of  hot water. It’s a hot water heater and heating system all in one!

Did you know that boilers are highly efficient? Boilers are highly efficient because they operate on a closed loop system. Once heat is extracted from the steam, the steam is then turned back into water, and falls down the pipes to the boiler, where it is boiled again. This limits waste and improves efficiency. The water that returns to the boiler is still warm, so less energy is needed to boil the water again.

Did you know boilers can use renewable fuels? Many people choose boilers because of their efficiency, but also because they can utilize green technology. Some types of boilers  run on renewable fuel sources like wood and corn pellets. These options are a lot kinder to the environment than traditional fossil fuels. 

Boilers need regular servicing and maintenance. It’s recommended boilers be serviced annually. This also helps ensure their efficiency, as professionals can assess how well the boilers are working. Eaton’s home care offers boiler repair in Vancouver, as well as service and installation. Eaton’s Home Care can service virtually all makes and models of furnaces and boilers!

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