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Does anyone in your home suffer from respiratory problems? Air quality can be an easily overlooked aspect of your health. Whether your home is new or old, improving the air quality can improve the quality of your life. There are a number of potential health hazards that may arise if attention isn’t paid to thoroughly cleaning ducts and vents. In particular, if moisture has accumulated in the air ducts, there may be mold. Ducts must be disinfected using certified cleaning agents. If you also have fiberglass insulation and there is a chance that mold has penetrated into it, the insulation should be removed and replaced. Rodents, insects, and other vermin are also very hazardous to your health once they have infested your air ducts and vents. Similarly, a blockage may prevent proper air flow throughout your home.

Professional duct and vent cleaning services should be used if you feel your household has been compromised. There are different types of air ducts that require different procedures and cleaning procedures. You must make sure that your cleaning professional is certified and experienced in dealing with your particular type of air duct and vent system.

Eaton’s Home Care provides Coquitlam with the experience and expertise to ensure that you and your family are breathing superb air quality. Our service includes state-of-the art duct cleaning systems, environmentally friendly cleaning materials for you to use, and a100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dust may seem like a tiny nuisance but can result in a huge health catastrophe. In the span of a single year, a six-room home can develop over 40 pounds of dust. This can not only look unsightly but can also impede the ducts and vents of your home. The heating and cooling systems of your home are its lungs as it brings air in and out while trying to filter debris and unwanted material. Picture how 40 pounds of dust would affect the ducts and vents of your home.

Cleaning your air ducts is crucial if your home has anything that would obstruct the airflow or if a family member or roommate has respiratory problems. Obstructions or respiratory issues may include:

  • A lot of pets that shed a lot
  • It is a new home and you are unaware of its previous history
  • Damage to your A/C system caused by a fire or flood
  • A roommate or family member that smokes
  • Evidence of rodent or animal infestations in your ducts
  • A roommate or family members suffers from asthma or allergies
  • A significant drop in air quality from the outside to your home
  • Evidence of mold growth inside cooling and heating parts including ducts and vents
  • Excessive amounts of dirt or dust in your home
  • A large renovation that generated large amounts of dust

Ensure the health of your home and have your ducts and vent inspected and cleaned by the experts at Eaton’s Home Care. Our professionals will be sure to thoroughly clean the heating and cooling systems of your home while beating any competitor’s price. We also offer financing options because your health matters. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and procedures to remove caustic allergens. Call us today (604) 771-2024 for your air duct and vent cleaning needs in Coquitlam.