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Indoor air quality is the most important factor when it comes to the breathability of air in your home. Because most of society spends a significant amount of time indoors, it is important to take steps in ensuring that the air around you isn’t damaging to your home or your health.

Without a humidifier, your home may be subject to slowly being damaged.  Some examples of what can happen are”

-Shrinkage of structural beams, causing floors to sag

-hardwood floors, molding, and antiques can be damaged and warp over time

-with dry air, static electricity builds up and can damage sensitive electronics

-sinus infections, dry eyes, and nosebleeds can be symptoms of breathing in dry air

Choosing the right humidifier will help maintain your home’s air quality and get rid of any health effects, as well as damage in your home.

Portable humidifiers:

-inexpensive compared to alternative options

-suitable for single rooms as opposed to a whole house

-limited lifespan compared to whole-house options

Whole-House bypass humidifiers:

-integrated with your homes existing HVAC system

-control humidity throughout your entire home