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Don’t forget your boiler this Summer!

Lets face it, it’s Summer, and the absolute last thing on anyone’s minds is their boiler..

The thing is, if you forget to regularly check your boiler and the harsh Winter’s hit, the last thing you want is to have to splurge extra money on fixing a boiler!

Believe it or not, Summer is definitely the best time of year to service your boiler, servicing is in less demand and you will easily get someone to come out and have a check. Never assume that just because when you switched your boiler off that it will automatically be in perfect working order when turned back on, boilers are known to be pesky at the best of times!

My last words of wisdom to you are to occasionally switch the boiler on for a few minutes when you can, this will prevent dirt, dust and grime build up and ensure your boiler lives a long happy life!
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