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Do you find the temperature in your home constantly changing? Is it too hot or too cold? Do you hear rumbling, rattling, or other noises that concern you? Your furnace may be on the fritz. Eaton’s Home Care provides furnace repair service to Coquitlam and to the Lower Mainland.

It is easy to neglect your furnace, especially during the warm summer months. There are many common problems that affect your furnace and increase your heating bill. Contact our skilled technicians for a consultation and they can provide sound furnace repair service.

Here are 10 common furnace problems that can affect both commercial and residential furnaces:  

  1. Poor maintenance. Problems arise when furnaces are neglected and routine annual inspections are missed. Contact Eaton’s Home Care to inspect your furnace before the cold winter months. Usually, inspections should happen once a year depending on the age and model of your furnace.
  2. Damaged or clogged filters. Your furnace must work harder if its filters are clogged or damaged. Airflow may be greatly reduced or air quality compromised. Filters should be tended to every month or to the manufacturer’s discretion. Our furnace repair service can clean and repair filters.
  3. Normal wear and tear. Your furnace may have problems controlling heat and airflow resulting in overheating. Consult our furnace repair service to avoid accidents that may cause a larger problem. You may void the warranty if you attempt to fix it yourself.
  4. Problems igniting your pilot light. Clogs or other issues with your ignition or pilot may cause your furnace to malfunction. Our expert technicians will properly assess and fix clogged, damaged, or faulty components.
  5. A faulty thermostat. You may notice that your furnace has difficulty regulating a comfortable level of temperature. Problems with your thermostat may be causing this. Your circuit breaker may have blown a fuse or tripped causing your thermostat screen to go blank and your furnace to stop working. You can also check if the power cord has become unplugged. If you have checked both the fuse and power cord and your thermostat is still not working, consult our furnace repair technicians.
  6. Heat is not produced by your furnace. Several reasons may contribute to the lack of heat including problems with power and the thermostat. You may simply need to check the battery level of your thermostat or replace them completely with new batteries.
  7. Not enough heat is produced. The furnace may not be large enough to heat the given space or its filter may be clogged. Contact our skilled professionals to properly install the right size furnace for your home.
  8. Switching “on” and “off”. If your furnace continuously cycles “on” and “off”, the thermostat may be malfunctioning or its filter may be clogged.
  9. The blower runs nonstop. There may be problems with the limit switch if your blower continues to run.
  10. Your furnace sounds off. If you hear rattles, rumbles, or sounds that don’t seem right, there may be a problem with your furnace including a clog or damaged part component.

For professional and courteous furnace repair service in Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland, contact Eaton’s Home Care 604-771-2024. We will thoroughly assess your furnace and provide quality service.